Abaco Sunglasses

Sunglass Warranty: Abaco Polarized offers a Lifetime Warranty on Abaco Sunglasses against manufactures defects as well as accidental breakage. We cover everything from broken frames to scratched lenses. This means, should your Abaco's get stepped on, sat on, run over by a car, or eaten by your dog (believe me we've seen it all) we will happily replace your Abacos thru our Worry Free Lifetime Warranty Program. 

All warranties are handled directly thru Abaco Polarized by submitting your warranty claim on our website. The warranty process is quick and easy to complete, and in most cases we do not require you to ship broken pair of Abaco Sunglasses back. In the event that the model and/or color of your sunglass is not available at the time you submit your claim you will have the option to choose another model or color of Abaco Sunglasses as your replacement.  


Eligibility: In order to be eligible for Abacos Lifetime Warranty you must purchase your Abaco Sunglasses from an Abaco Polarized Authorized Dealer AND register your Abaco Sunglasses with the code provided at the time of purchase within 30 days at: AbacoPolarized.com/Warranty. A photo of sunglass showing damage is required. Abaco Polarized reserves the right to request proof of purchase to ensure eligibility. Warranty does not cover loss or theft of sunglasses.

*Shipping/Handling Fees of $9.99 - $12.99 for US shipments or $19.99 for International Shipments. Duties and/or taxes may apply depending on your location

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